College Essay Triples In Importance


The student’s admission essay has always been key to acceptance into college. But more than ever before, a COLLEGE ENTRANCE ESSAY IS THE TICKET TO THE MUCH BETTER LIFE enjoyed by college degree holders. 


Four-year degree holders earn $1.2 million more over a career than the non-credentialled. Degree holders even have longer lifespans. Almost 9 years longer according to the Brookings Institute. More money and a longer life.  Attaining a 4-year degree is imperative.


The first step is the Admissions Essay.


Competition is stiff.  America’s best colleges accept only about 4% of applicants.  Never before have there been so many existential forces at play against public-school students attending 4-year college:


The recent SCOTUS Ruling striking down 60 years of Affirmative Action 


Illegal side dealings by wealthy students’ parents


The outsized influence of legacy status 


The diminishing influence of SAT and ACT tests


A Sad Fact.


The writing discipline has always been a challenge for some. Many people working in corporate America are weak writers. LEARN MORE


Public-school students are the weak writing workforce of tomorrow. The 3-year Covid pandemic significantly worsened an already bad situation.  But be encouraged by America’s educators.


They are engaging in a robust re-examination of methods and practices in use for decades that now have been deemed ineffective. One approach to teaching reading is balanced literacy. It advocates figuring out words and meanings when reading by their context instead of using phonics.


One Up All Foundation‘s mission is to improve public school outcomes by using non-traditional practices.  The program it created to improve nonenriched high school students’ college acceptance competitiveness is called ESSAY ASSAY



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ESSAY ASSAY is a free program for college-bound juniors and seniors in nonenriched schools.  It’s a unique partnership between schools, students, and volunteers.  The ESSAY ASSAY platform is live. It is being hosted on the e-learning platform of WRITING FOR BUSINESS Lesson Series. 


Interest in ESSAY ASSAY has been very enthusiastic among school administrators, academics, and fraternal organizations in the metro NYC area where the pilot program is launching winter 2023. 


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TO LEARN MORE about ESSAY ASSAY, visit GoFundMe to support this worthy initiative there.