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Renown noise pollution and learning expert, Dr. Arline Bronzaft recently sat down with One Up All Foundation’s founder Marla Currie for an introduction to the nonprofit’s innovative Ambient Audio program for public schools, MuselySM.   


For nearly four decades, noise pollution has been the focus of Dr. Bronzaft’s work. She authored the landmark study on the effect of noise pollution on learning, which is cited as the seminal work on the subject worldwide.


An environmental psychologist, Bronzaft’s classic research on the effects of subway train noise on children’s learning in the 1970’s led to her lifelong commitment to use her scientific expertise and passion for urban and social issues. The adverse effects of noise on mental and physical health became her life’s work.  


Bronzaft helped the Department of Environmental Protection of New York City update its noise code to bring the decibel level down in noisy New York City.  More recently, noise cameras were installed on some NYC streets to ticket excessive traffic noise makers. Dr. Bronzaft consulted on the project.  See New York Times article.


Musely is programmed ambient audio that passively saturates a school space with positive sound vibes.


Dr. Bronzaft’s response to Musely was very encouraging.


“I think your ideas are very good. We focused on educating students that noise can be good or bad.   You’re really going to the next step,“ observed Dr. Bronzaft. “You’re saying, ‘Why not explore sounds that enhance learning?’


“If the conclusion you suggest is an audio environment created to enhance children’s learning and well-being, this would be a marvelous contribution.”


Dr. Bronzaft consulted for 6 NYC mayoral administrations. The National Academy of
appointed Bronzaft to assess the impact of airplane noise on schools nationally. As a result, the FAA spent $400 million dollars soundproofing schools located near airports.


Dr. Bronzalt recommends the Foundation approach Musely with the goal of empirically verifying its impact.  Currie agreed. “An empirical study is a rollout goal. This program is cutting edge and proactive program for public schools. Does it help? Couldn’t hurt that’s for sure.


Dr. Bronzaft continued. “You must identify very specifically which variables will change because of the program. It might be better grades, less conflict, happier teachers. And then, see if the program makes a positive change in those variables after implemented.


“The program will be more widely accepted if there is an academic research basis for effectiveness claims. A paper published in a peer reviewed academic journal. That’s the ticket.


“If I can help in any way, you got it. I think it’s an excellent idea.” 



At 87, Dr. Arline Bronzaft is the foremost expert on Noise Pollution’s impact on learning and quality of life.  She has also assisted in the implementation of a noise education curriculum in the NYC public school system.



College Essay Triples In Importance


The student’s admission essay has always been key to acceptance into college. But more than ever before, a COLLEGE ENTRANCE ESSAY IS THE TICKET TO THE MUCH BETTER LIFE enjoyed by college degree holders. 


Four-year degree holders earn $1.2 million more over a career than the non-credentialled. Degree holders even have longer lifespans. Almost 9 years longer according to the Brookings Institute. More money and a longer life.  Attaining a 4-year degree is imperative.


The first step is the Admissions Essay.


Competition is stiff.  America’s best colleges accept only about 4% of applicants.  Never before have there been so many existential forces at play against public-school students attending 4-year college:


The recent SCOTUS Ruling striking down 60 years of Affirmative Action 


Illegal side dealings by wealthy students’ parents


The outsized influence of legacy status 


The diminishing influence of SAT and ACT tests


A Sad Fact.


The writing discipline has always been a challenge for some. Many people working in corporate America are weak writers. LEARN MORE


Public-school students are the weak writing workforce of tomorrow. The 3-year Covid pandemic significantly worsened an already bad situation.  But be encouraged by America’s educators.


They are engaging in a robust re-examination of methods and practices in use for decades that now have been deemed ineffective. One approach to teaching reading is balanced literacy. It advocates figuring out words and meanings when reading by their context instead of using phonics.


One Up All Foundation‘s mission is to improve public school outcomes by using non-traditional practices.  The program it created to improve nonenriched high school students’ college acceptance competitiveness is called ESSAY ASSAY



Essay Assay logo



ESSAY ASSAY is a free program for college-bound juniors and seniors in nonenriched schools.  It’s a unique partnership between schools, students, and volunteers.  The ESSAY ASSAY platform is live. It is being hosted on the e-learning platform of WRITING FOR BUSINESS Lesson Series. 


Interest in ESSAY ASSAY has been very enthusiastic among school administrators, academics, and fraternal organizations in the metro NYC area where the pilot program is launching winter 2023. 


TO DONATE to One Up All Foundation, Click Here.

TO LEARN MORE about ESSAY ASSAY, visit GoFundMe to support this worthy initiative there.

Public School Appreciation

Edgewater NJ –   ONE UP ALL Foundation has petitioned National Calendar to create PUBLIC SCHOOL APPRECIATION MONTH.  

There’s an official National Ice Cream Day, a National Grandparents Day, even a National Hounds Day.  Funny, there isn’t a day to celebrate school kids especially Public Schools and public school students. Until now.


One Up All Foundation has petitioned National Calendar to establish a “National Public School Appreciation Month”. 


The goal is recognizing in a more public way the often beleagured public school system. A system that educates the majority of America’s leaders, workforce, communities, and innovators of tomorrow.


The Appreciation Month would span from mid-August to mid-September, taking into account different state’s back to school start dates nationally. 


Notes Foundation founder, Marla Currie, “This is a recognition long in coming. One very well deserved.  A  National Thank You so to speak.  This is the kind of morale uplifting initiative that these public schools deserve. Students in often non-enriched schools need to know that education is valuable and worthy of public recognization.


Continues Currie, “I’d like to see schools nationally embrace that appreciation month. To take time to pat themselves on the back for personal and group hurdles met and steeling their will for the challenges for the school year ahead. 


One Up All believes positive messages however delivered uplifts spirits. 

The Foundation advocates the use of Mindfulness Practice and Sound Therapy to positively impact student academic and behavior. 


“Here’s to America’s Public Schools, Teachers, and Students.  Stay posted for the formal announcement.”



One Up All Foundation (https://oneupall.org) advocates Mindfulness Practice and Sound Therapy Usage in nonenriched public schools to improve academic success and enhance learning environment.

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Urban Students Get Pro Reviews

Edgewater NJ –  One Up All Foundation is excited to announce that in partnership with the WRITING FOR BUSINESS Lesson Series, reviews of urban students’ college entrance essays will be offered. 


ESSAY ASSAY is a free program for college-bound students in response to recent rulings on Affirmative Action that removed race consideration in college admissions. 


ESSAY ASSAY’s goal is to improve under-privileged students’ chances of college admission with the strongest entrance essay possible. 


Business writing experts make suggestions for student consideration about essay theme, tonality, structure, and grammar.  Review is promised within 10 days.  English language only.   ESSAY ASSAY is an ambitious trifecta of public-school students, school administrators, and volunteer professionals.


The importance of the entrance essay has never been greater.  Beyond the crippling SCOTUS Ruling, traditional metrics like the SAT are losing importance.  The essay is one of the few post-academic levers available for college hopefuls.


“ESSAY ASSAY is a wonderful opportunity for nonenriched students to receive invaluable essay feedback,” notes Marla Currie, founder of One Up All. “We’re very pleased with early enthusiasm from stakeholders.


“We’re actively soliciting crowdfunding donations to support this ambitious public-school program. If you agree ESSAY ASSAY is needed, please support us. All support is greatly appreciated.”


ESSAY ASSAY is a pilot program limited to juniors and seniors in select public schools in the New York City metro area. WRITING FOR BUSINESS is hosting the initiative on its eLearning platform.





ONE UP ALL FOUNDATION, a New Jersey 501C, advocates Mindfulness Practice and Sound Therapy use in public schools.  


WRITING FOR BUSINESS is  Advanced Business Writing and Sales and Marketing How-To Lessons.



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